“We are secure together.”

“Secure U” is information security’s campaign to meet tri-campus security needs by continuously evolving our security capabilities to enable and empower divisions. In this campaign, we:

  • Partner with units to build new security capabilities
  • Listen to divisions and department needs, challenges, and requirements.
  • Enhance security capabilities

Our Goals:

  • Enable divisions to meet their mission
  • Empower departments to do more with less
  • Provide foundational capabilities divisions can trust and build upon

Enabling Security Services for Units

    There are multiple ways in which units and Information Security can partner to build security capabilities.

      Information Security Strategic Initiatives

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      Research Information Security Program

      With VPRI and Libraries, create a new information security service focused on supporting scholars and DRI@UofT initiatives..

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      Identity Modernization Phase 1

      Strategic review and reinvestment in people, process, and technology to modernize and enable Identity as a Service.

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      Endpoint Protection – “Next-generation” Anti-Virus

      Software to protect user devices from viruses, wherever they are, integrated with institutional incident detection and response shared services. Contract staff to assist with divisional deployment.

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      Advanced Threat Protection (O365 ATP)

      Licensing for advanced features in O365 to protect UofT email, documents, and communication, integrated with institutional incident detection and response shared services.

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      Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

      Single most effective protection. Prevent unauthorized logins to user accounts with a “second factor.”

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      Vulnerability Management

      Software to proactively find vulnerabilities.

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      Incident Detection and Response

      People and tools to curate alerts, triage issues, and create effective reporting dashboards.

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      Security Awareness Training

      Fundamental awareness for all members of the community and special training for IT and security staff.

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      Security Program Governance and Enhancements

      Staff & equipment to coordinate institutional program efforts and workspace enhancements to keep pace with staffing growth.