Password re-use (using the same password across multiple accounts) is a significant contributor to data breaches, as stolen credentials can be exploited to gain unauthorized access to other accounts. To address this vulnerability, the University of Toronto has acquired 5,000 1Password Business licenses for staff, faculty and librarians, promoting safe password management practices across our community.

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1Password is a cloud-based, cross-platform password management solution that allows users to organize and store all passwords in one secure place.

Staff, faculty and librarians are strongly encouraged to adopt 1Password for the following purposes:

  1. Create strong, unique passwords for your work-related accounts: 1Password generates complex passwords and securely stores them. Rather than relying on browser-based password storage, which can be less secure, you can utilize 1Password to manage login credentials for your work-related accounts.
  2. Securely share secrets with authorized individuals: 1Password also provides a secure way for you to let authorized individuals access shared secrets such as login credentials for shared accounts, API keys, tokens, notes and other sensitive information. In addition to the 1Password Business account, users can also redeem a free 1Password Families account to manage passwords for personal accounts.

For more information and FAQs, visit the password manager page.

To set up your 1Password account, visit Set up your 1Password account (faculty, librarians and staff).