Deyves Fonseca

Associate Director

Identity and Access Management

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Jin Fang


Simon Cheng

IAM Developer (MFA)

Paul Fardy

Authentication Admin

Leroy Tang

Enterprise Active Directory Admin

Matt Wilks

Senior IAM Architect

Xin Xiang

Senior IAM Architect

Jonathan Zhao

IAM Developer

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Identity and Access Management (IAM) is one of the cornerstones of a modern information security program. As more of our systems and applications go online, a solid identity infrastructure forms a key line of defense against the intentions of malicious actors. IAM ensures that the right people get access to the right resources and applications on time. With effective IAM systems and processes in place, everyone can access the tools they need to do their jobs effectively and safely.

The IAM team is comprised of several individuals who are tasked with the development, maintenance and operation of our core identity services. They have a commitment to operational excellence and take seriously their critical role in enabling the mission of the University.

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UTORMFA is the University of Toronto’s multi-factor authentication solution. It verifies your identity using a second factor like a mobile device or hardware token ensuring that only you can login.

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Security Services

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Pete St. Onge


Alex Ball

Technical Writer

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The Security Services team provides advice, assistance and coordination of efforts to help units onboard to Information Security services and improve existing practices for security and efficiency. They oversee Information Security services provided to the University of Toronto community.

Incident Response

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Andrew Wagg


Vladimir Baghdasaryan

Incident Response Security Specialist

Michael Buzny

Incident Response Security Specialist

Alex Lu

Incident Response Security Specialist

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The Incident Response team monitors events and alerts using detection tools and acts on any malicious activity. They respond to requests for help from units or community members dealing with suspicious communications or device activity. The team proactively helps to secure the University environment by addressing vulnerable systems and providing incident response plan templates and tabletop exercises.

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Incident response planning

The Incident Response team offers support and resources to help units ensure that they effectively respond and take the appropriate steps in the event of an information security incident.

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Joe Bate


Architecture team details2024-06-03T14:34:26-04:00

Coming soon!

Visibility and Infrastructure

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Carl Chan


Jason Chong

Network Security Engineer

Matthew Norrie

Detection Engineer

Richard Young

Security Network Engineer

Visibility and Infrastructure team details2024-06-14T13:30:53-04:00


The Visibility and Infrastructure team equips IT@UofT staff with tools to help them effectively secure their systems.

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ANS-FaaS project

The adaptive network security – firewall-as-a-service (ANS-FaaS) project is upgrading U of T’s firewall infrastructure.

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The project aims to provide secure access to applications and tools, standardize implementation, and simplify and improve support of firewall technologies and services.

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