Threat to life or property? Call 911.

For non life-threatening emergencies, call Campus Safety:

St. George: 416-978-2222 | Mississauga: 905-569-4333 | Scarborough: 416-978-2222

Report phishing

If you received a suspicious email that you suspect is phishing and need assistance, use the link below to report it.

You can also select the U of T Report Phishing button in Outlook to report the email as phishing.

Icon for report phishing

Report a security incident

If you are experiencing a security incident and need assistance, complete the intake form below.

Security incidents may involve, but are not limited to:

  • Data breach
  • Compromised device
  • Ransomware
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Report fraud

If you are experiencing fraud and need assistance, complete the following steps:

1. Report fraud to campus safety:

2. Contact U of T security response.

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Report a personal privacy incident

If you are experiencing a breach in personal privacy or information and require assistance, contact the FIPP Office for help.

Icon for reporting a personal privacy incident
Icon for security related questions

Suspect you are having a security incident or have question about incident response?

Contact U of T security response:

Incident support resources

Incident Response Plan

If you suspect you are having a major security incident, follow the University’s Incident Response Plan to ensure that appropriate steps are taken, and that you have the resources you need to effectively respond.

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Have a non-urgent IT question? Contact the help desk.