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The tri-campus Information Security team is a distributed, collaborative team comprised of experts across many disciplines  working together to provide a safe and secure environment for the entire University of Toronto community.

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Meet the team

Divisional information security leads

Division Name
UTM Akshat Mishra
UTSC John Stewart
Medicine Michael Chun
Pharmacy Byron Qu
SciNet Shawn Winnington-Ball

ITS information security leads

Team Name
Acting Chief Information Security Officer Deyves Fonseca
Information Security Operations Deyves Fonseca
Information Security Strategy Kalyani Khati
Architecture Joe Bate
Identity & Access Management Jin Fang
Incident Response Andrew Wagg
Research Sue McGlashan
Information Risk Kanupriya Kejriwal
Visibility & Infrastructure Carl Chan
Information Security Strategic Execution Raphaelle Gauriau

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  • Deyves Fonseca, Acting Chief Information Security Officer

    • Unit Information Security Leads

      • Akshat Mishra, UTM
      • John Stewart, UTSC
      • Michael Chun, Medicine
      • Aaron Lane, KPE
      • Byron Qu, Pharmacy
      • Shawn Winnington-Ball, SciNet
      • David Annabel, Citizan Lab ISL
    • Belinda McKay, Executive Assistant
    • Operations: Raphaelle Gauriau, Acting Associate Director

      • Identity: Jin Fang, Manager, Security Admin

        • Jonathan Zhao, IAM Developer
        • Leroy Tang, Enterprise Active Directory Admin
        • Matt Wilks, Senior IAM Architect
        • Paul Fardy, Authentication Admin
        • Simon Cheng, IAM Developer (MFA)
        • Xin Xiang, Senior IAM Architect
        • Students
      • Security Services: Pete St. Onge, Manager, Security Services

        • Alex Ball*, Technical Writer
        • Students
      • Incident Response: Andres Wagg

        • Michael Buzny, Incident Response Analyst
        • Vladimir Baghdasaryan, Incident Response Analyst
        • Alex Lu, Incident Response Analyst
        • Students
      • Architecture: Joe Bate

        • Vacant*, Cloud Security Architect
        • Students
      • Visibility & Infrastructure: Carl Chan

        • Jason Chong, Network Security Engineer
        • Matthew Norrie, Detection Engineer
        • Richard Young*, Security Network Engineer
        • Students
    • Research: Sue McGlashan, Research Information Security Lead

      • Michael Laurentius, Research Program Coordinator
      • Students
    • Strategic Initiatives: Kalyani Khati, Associate Director

      • Risk Management: Kanupriya Kejriwal

        • Areg Harutyunyan, Security & Threat Analyst
        • Ashley Langille, Privacy Analyst
        • Jesse Beard, Security & Threat Analyst
        • Rishi Arora, Risk Program Coordinator
        • Victor Chijioke, Senior Information Security Analyst
        • Vinay Addagarla, Senior Information Security Analyst
        • Students
      • Strategic Execution: Raphaelle Gauriau

        • Benjamin Akhirevbulu*, Project Manager
        • David Chan*, Project Manager
        • Luis Coto, Service Engagement Coordinator
        • Luke Sutherland, Senior Business Analyst
        • Nora MacGregor*, Project Manager
        • Vladimir Rutstein*, Information Security Dashboard Developer
      • Office of the CISO

        • Maddie Osei, Information Security and Business Analyst
        • Trish Lynch*, Agile Coach
        • Vacant*, Community Coordinator

* Contrators

To learn more about the team, download the organizational chart (PDF).

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