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Please report issues that could affect the security or privacy of your information, devices or those of the University. We can provide expert assistance and coordinate valuable services to assist in the event of a major issue.

What is an information security incident?

Security incidents:

  • Can be suspected, attempted, successful
  • Can pose an imminent threat of disruption to university digital assets and/or data
  • Can include unauthorized access, use, disclosure, modification or destruction of university digital assets and/or data.

Threat to life or property – call 911

  • For emergencies, danger, or crime, such as fire; flood, break-ins, assault, robbery, etc.
  • Call 911, then call Campus Safety at
    • St George and UTSC (Scarborough Campus) Campus Safety dispatch for emergencies: 416-978-2222.
    • For UTM( Missisauga Campus), call the UTM Campus Safety Emergency Number: 905-569-4333
  • Campus Safety will respond and will engage the Information Security team if necessary.

How to report an information security incident

Incidents with significant data disclosure

Incidents which may involve significant impact such as data disclosure or threat of disclosure, compromised institutional data, or incidents which impact a significant number of users, please contact: security.response@utoronto.ca.

Other information security incidents

Please contact your local help desk for all other information security incidents. Prompt reporting enables the University to respond, contain, and mitigate potentially damaging outcomes, and determine if sensitive data is at risk.

A person reporting an issue using his phone.

Reporting fraud

Fraud is a serious concern to the security and safety of personal information. For more information on what fraud is, visit the Community Safety Office’s fraud prevention page (Click Here).

For how to report fraud at the U of T St. George campus, visit the St. George Campus Safety’s fraud prevention page (Click Here).

To learn how to report fraud at the UTM campus, visit the UTM Campus Safety’s fraud prevention page (Click Here).

Stop fraud

Incident Response Plan

If you suspect you are having a major incident, please follow the University of Toronto incident response plan to ensure appropriate steps are taken and you have full access to the resources you need to appropriately respond.

Test your plan

A plan is only good as your ability to execute and how well your team understands it. The best way to develop and test your plan is to conduct table-top scenarios with key stakeholders.

Contact us

Campus help desks

Help desk Contact information
St. George Information Commons help.desk@utoronto.ca
University of Toronto Mississauga helpdesk.utm@utoronto.ca
University of Toronto Scarborough helpdesk@utsc.utoronto.ca

Faculty and divisional help desks

Find a list of divisional help desks at: ITS contact page.

Information Technology Services

Please submit a ticket in the Enterprise Service Centre (ESC).