1. What is a display first name?2024-03-15T19:26:26-04:00

A display first name, or preferred name, is one picked by an individual because it represents who they are and how they wish to be known while at the University of Toronto. It may be a formal or informal name. You can select a preferred name as your “display first name” within several University applications when a formal legal name is not required.

2. Can anyone select a display first name?2024-03-22T09:34:30-04:00

Yes, all students, faculty, staff and librarians can opt to set their display first name.

3. Do I have to specify a display first name?2024-03-21T16:58:41-04:00

No, you do not have to select a display first name. Your first name as it appears on your official legal documentation will be used as the default name, unless you’ve specified a display name. Refer to “How do I change my legal name?” for information on changing your official legal name.

4. How do I change my display first name?2024-03-22T09:39:31-04:00

Setting a display first name is different than officially changing your name in University information systems. To change your display first name, simply login to the my.auth.utoronto.ca system and follow the prompts.

5. Can I use my display first name for all systems at U of T?2024-03-22T09:38:25-04:00

No, the display first name currently has limited application.

If you choose to set a display first name, it will appear in UTmail+/Office 365 and associated services, Quercus, Success Factors and Human Resource Information System (HRIS). Refer to “Services that use display first name” for the current list of supported systems.

6. Where will my official legal name be used?2024-03-21T10:06:06-04:00

Official legal names will be used in all instances when it is required by policy or law, such as on T4 slips for income tax purposes and student academic records.

7. When will my display first name show up in the campus directory or my class rosters?2024-03-21T10:13:01-04:00

Changes take approximately 24 hours to populate. For those resources that do not use HRIS or UTORauth as their data source (i.e., departmental website directories), this time may be longer.

8. Can I change my display first name to whatever I want?2024-03-21T10:14:36-04:00

If you choose to set a display first name, remember that this name will be widely displayed to members of the University community. Names that are intentionally offensive or promote hatred or illegal behaviour (or the like) are discouraged.

There is currently no set limit to the number of times your display first name is changed; however, please be aware that this name is used to identify you to your instructors, peers and the administration and frequent changes may cause confusion for these individuals.

9. How do I delete my display first name?2024-03-22T09:39:53-04:00

You change or remove your display first name using the my.auth.utoronto.ca system. If you no longer wish to be known by your chosen display first name, you must save a ‘blank’ entry over your display first name. To do this, delete the display name and then save an empty field. Your legal first name will then be used.

10. How do I change or correct my formal legal name?2024-03-21T10:18:33-04:00

Information on how to change a formal legal name, and the procedure for changing your gender identity information at the University are outlined on the Sexual and Gender Diversity Office website. Refer to the information for students and for staff and faculty.

11. Does changing my display first name automatically update my University username and email address?2024-03-21T10:19:45-04:00

Yes and no. Changing your display first name automatically updates your email display name, but not your username or email address.

For example, if your official legal name is Desma Upton and your email address is desma.upton@utoronto.ca, and you want to change your display first name to “Dee”, your update will result in Dee Upton becoming the display name people see, but your email address will remain desma.upton@utoronto.ca.

Display name changes take up to 24 hours to appear.

12. My name includes an international character or accent, why doesn’t it appear in my display first name?2024-03-22T09:32:19-04:00

At present, the my.auth.utoronto.ca system does not support international characters. We hope to address this issue in a future update.

13. Will my display first name appear on my TCard?2024-03-21T10:25:54-04:00

No, only your formal legal name appears on the TCard.

14. How does the display first name guideline affect international students?2024-03-21T10:26:47-04:00

The guideline is applied equally to all students – international and domestic.

15. I have more questions about selecting a display first name. Who do I contact?2024-03-21T10:27:25-04:00

Students should contact their registrar’s office, and employees should contact their divisional human resources office.

Last modified: June 11, 2024

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