Exciting changes are coming to Duo, the University of Toronto’s trusted mobile app for multi-factor authentication. These changes will improve the MFA authentication experience for U of T students, faculty and staff.

U of T community members will notice the following improvements:

Automatic push notification

When logging in to Weblogin with your UTORid and password, you will no longer see a browser prompt to send a Duo push notification to your phone. The notification will be automatically sent, and your browser will display a reminder to check your phone.

Former interface

Former interface for sending a push notification.

New interface

New interface for sending push notification.

Revamped “remember me for seven days” option

When logging in to certain applications, you may notice a prompt asking, “Is this your device?”

If you select yes, your device will be remembered for seven days.

Former interface

Old interface for "remember me for seven days".

New interface

New interface for "remember me for seven days".

More user-friendly notifications

The current approve/deny Duo notification on your phone prompts you to confirm if you are logging in to Shibboleth, which is another name for Weblogin. With the upcoming changes, you will be asked if you’re logging in to Weblogin.

Former interface

Old notification: Are you logging in to Shibboleth Standard?

New interface

New notification: Are you logging in to Weblogin Standard?

From March 21 to March 27, 2024, users may encounter both the new Duo interface and the former interface at different times. Starting March 28, users will only encounter the new interface during authentication.

For more information, refer to the FAQs below.


From March 21 to 27, users may experience both the new Duo interface and the former interface at different times when authenticating. Users don’t need to report this to the help desk.

Starting March 21, users who log in to Microsoft 365 applications will experience the new Duo interface. When logging in to other University applications, users can expect to see either the new or former interface during MFA authentication from March 21 up to and including March 27.

The approve/deny notification will display one of three names – Weblogin Standard, Weblogin Hybrid or Weblogin Enhanced. The name you see during authentication depends on the type of U of T application you are accessing, its profile and the criticality of its data. Refer to the UTORMFA security profiles (log in to Enterprise Service Centre to view) for details on the application categories.

If you want to use your security key, no action is needed. If you have a security key and you want to use Duo push to authenticate, complete the following step:

  • After logging into Weblogin with your UTORid and password, you will see a prompt to enter a security key on your mobile phone. Rather than entering your security key, select “other options” to receive a Duo push notification. You will only need to complete this step the first time you authenticate via the updated Duo interface.

Screen with text: Use your security key with duosecurity.com. Insert your security key and touch it.Screen with text: Use your security key. Verify it's you by using your security key.